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Hermes the Ancient Greek God

This blog gives a brief description of Hermes, an ancient Greek god to align with our latest collection; the Hermes medallions. These are super precious and have heaps of meaning behind them, take a look below to find out!

Known as the Greek god of wealth, fertility, travel and protection of cattle and sheep, amongst many other attributes, Hermes is best known as the messenger of Mt. Olympus. Mercury (his roman name), was one of twelve Olympians who lived in Mt. Olympus. He carried messages, especially for Zeus, across realms of the gods, living and the dead with his winged sandals that enabled him to travel quickly.

Often being associated with telling lies and stealing from gods, Hermes was known as a trickster. His most famous act of deceit was when he stole cattle from Apollo, though as a result of Apollo being amazed by Hermes musical talents, he allowed him to keep the cattle. He has also been affiliated with being an inventor; supposedly inventing the Greek alphabet, music and fire.

Hermes in oil

Hermes was the son of Zeus and the Pleiad Maia. Greek gods often had many lovers and children, so as the norm, Hermes had several half-siblings and three sons; Hermaphroditus, Pan and Autolycus.


In most images of Hermes, he is depicted with his winged sandals and caduceus which is a herald staff with two snakes intertwined and wings at the top. He was mainly pictured as young, athletic and beardless.

To conclude, our latest Hermes medallions will be sure to keep you protected and hopefully give you some good luck in your travels!


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