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I love you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow...

As we all know and love, throughout history jewellery has been used as tokens of endearment. Sentimental jewellery was often given and received by loved ones who were embarking on long sailing trips or going to war or simply as wedding, anniversary and grieving gifts.

One phrase in particular became popular in the 1900’s, from the poem written by Rosemonde Gerard; addressed to her beloved husband Edmond Rostand, the famous French writer of Cyrano de Bergerac; ‘Moins qu'hier, plus que demain'. This French written love phrase, translates to I love you more (+) than yesterday but less (-) than tomorrow. A beautiful phrase that resembles an ever-growing love.

Photograph of Rosemonde Gerard

Though this expression wasn’t originally popular when the poem was first published, it’s fondness grew when the renowned Lyonnais jeweller, Alphonse Augis (marked on jewellery as A.Augis), created medallions with the phrase engraved. Sometimes the phrase being marked in another love language: Italian, which reads "+ Di Ieri - Di Domani".

Listed '+ Di Ieri - Di Domani' Pendant

Variations of these charms and pendants have been found with gemstones such as diamond and rubies set in the plus and minus signs and with enamelled backgrounds. These truly romantic tokens of love are so special to have as an antique collector or given as a gift to a loved one, in a time where text messages and Instagram shoutouts are seen as an act of showing endearment! Take me back to the 1900’s!


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