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Lunaria Annua – A promise of wealth and honesty

A new acquisition by SHJB is this fine French pendant, beautifully crafted in the form of the ‘Lunaria Annua’ plant. So exquisitely made in 18ct gold that we had to do some digging on its meaning.


It turns out that the Lunaria Annua goes by many names. Its original name ‘Lunaria’ literally translates as ‘moon shaped’ and refers to the unique shape of the pods. However, this symbolic plant has a few other aliases; known as ‘Honesty’ in Europe, in reference to its transparent membrane that reveals its seeds from within, and ‘Monnaie du pape’ (Pope’s money) in France, regarding its silvery sheen looking like a coin.


The symbolism Lunaria Annua beautifully combines the variety of names it has throughout the world, typically being associated with money, honesty and sincerity.


With such a rich history and emotive sentiment behind it, there is no doubt in our mind why it’s the subject of such a special piece.


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