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Queen of the sea: Aquamarine

Aquamarine, the sea-like beauty of gemstones has been used in jewellery since 500 BC, so we thought it’s about time she had a mention on our blog page. See below for some facts and information about this truly unique gemstone!

SHJB listed Large Aquamarine and Diamond Navette Ring

Formation & Source

Aquamarine is a type of beryl mineral and is formed in a type of granite called a Pegmatite. The 6 main varieties of beryl are aquamarine (blue-green), emerald (green), morganite (pink), red beryl (red), heliodor (yellow) and maxixe (deep blue).

Brazil is the world's leading source of gem-quality aquamarine for over 100 years. In fact, the biggest Aquamarine rough ever found was in Brazil in 1910, weighing a staggering 110kg. When it was cut down into smaller faceted stones for use in jewellery, they collectively weighed over 100,000 carats. Afghanistan, Russia, and many African countries are also all sources of aquamarine.

The Worlds Largest Aquamarine 'The Don Pedro'

Characteristics & Care

On the Mohs scale of hardness aquamarine rates 7.5 – 8. Its colour varies from pale blue or turquoise to deep blue. Aquamarine receives its divine colour from the presence of two different types of iron: ferrous and ferric. Ferrous iron provides the gem with its trademark blue colour, whilst the presence of ferric iron turns the gem slightly green. The colour varies depending on the amount of iron.

As mentioned, Aquamarine is relatively hard and therefore a good gem for daily wear, although you should avoid knocking it hard. Washing it in warm soapy water is best advised.

SHJB listed Large cushion cut Aquamarine ring


Before its official listing for the 19th wedding anniversary, it was believed that aquamarine could prolong relationships in ancient times. It was also thought to bring rains when they were desperately needed, and even to curse enemies with drought.

According to the legends of sailors, this gemstone was used as a protective talisman for good luck and manifesting a strong sense of fearlessness for an upcoming sea journey. If you live far from water but long for it (Me!), the Aquamarine meaning always keeps you connected to the beautiful and healing power of the ocean.

This stone is also thought to calm nerves by channelling the soothing qualities of the ocean. Aquamarine is also known to restore the vibrancy and beauty of youth with its incredible anti-aging properties. There's no need for all of these anti-aging creams if you own aquamarine!

To finish this blog, I thought I’d leave you with a fun fact:

Princess Diana famously wore a large aquamarine ring during her visit to Sydney, Australia. The stone was emerald cut, flanked by diamonds and set in yellow gold. Okay…now I want one!

Princess Diana's aquamarine ring

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