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The January Birthstone: Garnet

In light of some of our new antique pieces and to celebrate our January babies, we thought we would share some interesting facts about Garnet. This gemstone is truly special in both it's meaning and appearance.

One of our recently listed garnet necklaces


The name garnet comes from the Latin word for pomegranate: ‘granatum’, and what better word is there? Not only do they grow in a pomegranate shaped dodecahedron, but the garnets that most of us know and love are the Almandine and Pyrope/ Bohemian garnet (and the mixture of the two, known as a Rhodolite garnet), which are coloured with iron and magnesium, giving them a beautiful purpley-red to browny-red pomegranate colour!

Birthstone meaning

Birthstones have been allocated to each month of the year to align with the characteristics of the people who are born in each month. In other words, your birthstone is supposed to resemble and/or balance you.

According to zodiac signs, January babies are feisty and hard-working. Garnets also have a fiery association and are thought to bring an intense passion, whether this is in friendships, family or career. As well as this, Garnet can enhance your self-confidence and willpower. Go Jan babies!

Image from Pinterest

Colour variations

Garnets come in a great deal more colours, for example: Demantoid garnets are a bright (peridot coloured) green, Hessonite garnets are cinnamon coloured, Topazolite garnets are yellow and Hygrogrossular garnets come in a range of soft baby colours, like pale pink, and look almost like jelly sweets! It is because of the wide range in variety of garnets on offer there truly is something for everyone and can give you that pop of colour when deciding on outfits!


Garnet has been popular throughout the ages, dating as far back as the Egyptians when they used this gemstone in their jewellery and carvings. It has been used during battles as protection for warriors as well as used for it’s healing powers in wounds by ancient healers. They also made impressive pieces during the Victorian era.

Despite them being a gemmological nightmare Garnets are undoubtedly beautiful stones, having a very special place in my collection and the collections of many others. The January baby’s really have been spoilt!


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