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The Power of Moonstone

Ever wondered why moonstones are known to be magical gemstones…this blog will highlight, glowingly, a few of Moonstone’s powers. In January, we all need that little push to start the year and we are here to help you! With jewellery of course!

The Chemistry

Moonstones are a plagioclase feldspar, made up of alternating layers of potassium and sodium feldspar. These layers have different compositions so when light transmits through the stone it reacts in different ways at different layers, so the light scatters, which is what gives moonstone its characteristic, blue, glowing look, which is called adularescence.

Healing properties

Female power and fertility have long been seen as synonymous with the moon so it should come as no surprise that the moonstone has also been coupled with these powerful symbols, supposedly giving the wearer greater sight and power; in fact, it was said if you held a moonstone in your mouth at full moon you could see the future, however I cannot testify whether this works!

It has been said that moonstone promotes a better hormonal balance and can lessen physical discomforts when it comes to fertility issues such as PMS and can help with conception and pregnancy. Moonstone is also known for its healing powers, encouraging inner growth and strength. Just what you need to start 2022.


In India, Moonstone, for many years, has been used as a source to bring divine wisdom and psychic abilities. As well as this, during the Roman era, they believed that Moonstone was actually a piece of the moonlight and whoever wore this gemstone, Goddess Diana would bring them love and fortune.

The Goddess Diana

Wearing Moonstones

Wearing a piece of moonstone jewellery will allow for this gemstones powers to work best as direct contact with the skin ensures maximum absorption of its power. Supposedly, your skin and the moonstone create frequencies to direct the power to where it’s needed.

Regardless of Moonstones healing powers, this gemstone has a remarkable and distinctive appearance that is an absolute necessity to add to your jewellery collection.

A moonstone and diamond ring c.1800


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