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Toi et Moi- a sentiment worth the investment

Standing the true test of time the toi et moi ring has adorned the hands of brides for centuries. Literally translating from French as “you and me” these romantic rings all have one thing in common, two gemstones intertwined together in matrimony. The sentiment behind the ever bound stones being that of two souls joining together in equilibrium, which is poetic enough on its own for us to be besotted by them, however, they also happen to look fantastic.

A french belle epoque toi et moi from our own collection

One of the first significant examples of a toi et moi ring is Josephine Bonaparte’s engagement ring, dated 1796. Gifted to her by great Frenchman Napoleon Bonaparte on their betrothal, the ring featured two pear shaped stones laid side by side: a sapphire and a diamond. Each stone weighing just shy of 1ct they were almost perfectly matched in size and shape, but the contrasting colours present two individuals coming together as a whole. The ring was auctioned in 2013 at infamous auction house Osenat, with a hammer price close to £600,000.

Napoleon Bonaparte's engagement ring to Josephine - 1796

Fast-forwarding to 1953 we find another historically important toi et moi, which again peaked national interest, with the engagement ring of style icon Jacqueline Kennedy to John F Kennedy. This glamorous toi et moi had a more art deco feel to it, and features two emerald cut stones alongside one another: a 2.84ct emerald and a 2.88ct diamond. Originally this important jewel had a halo of baguette cut stones, taking influence from art deco style, however it was reimagined in 1961 to include marquise stones, making it look like a wreath of diamonds encircling the leafy green emerald.

Jackie Kennedy's engagement ring featuring a 2.84ct emerald and a 2.88ct diamond

Whilst toi et moi rings have peppered the jewellery trade for centuries there is no period they were more prevalent than the art deo era. Spanning from 1920-1935 the post war world saw a boom in jewellery design and innovation, with advancements in stone cutting and setting leading to more intricate designs. Some beautiful toi et moi examples can be seen from this period, from the classic two stone diamond to gemstones and different cuts paired together.

Arianna Grande's engagement ring featuring an oval diamond and pearl

Today we have seen a new rise in the popularity of the toi et moi ring, with celebrities such as Arianna Grande and Emily Ratajkowski paving the way for more experimental toi et moi rings with a modern feel. Safe to say, we are sure these sentimental pieces are here to stay.

Emily Ratajkowski's engagement ring featuring a pear and princess cut diamond


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