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  • A truly stunning, all original, diamond bombe ring from the 1920s. This chunky piece is crafted from 5.9g of 18ct white gold and set with a central old cut diamond, flanked either side by a line of French cut sapphires.


    The centre stone is undoubtably the focal point, a large stone estimated at one carat in weight with a high crown and lots of fire. The stone has a slight tint of warmness to it, typical of antique stones, which were mined mainly in India, however this is not obvious against the white metal setting. Graded as a high SI1 in clarity, the diamond has a small natural inclusion almost over the culet of the stone, and otherwise is incredibly clear, not typical of antique stones, which are often quite heavily included. The diamond is free from chips or wear.


    Flanking the one carat diamond on either side are three. French cut, blue sapphires. A rare cut and one revered in antique jewellery especially, these stones are quintessential of the Art Deco era in which this marvellous ring was made. The stones are natural and have a great colour saturation to them, like the dimming night sky. The sapphires do have some surface wear to the table facets, however this is only visible under magnification.


    A stunning, high quality, ring that would make a fabulous addition to any collection, or a unique engagement ring option.

    1ct Old Cut Diamond Ring

    • Stones: Diamond and Sapphire

      Diamond Carat: 1ct approx. (6.4mm)

      Diamond Cut: Old Cut

      Diamond Colour: I/J

      Diamond Clarity: SI1

      Sapphire Cut: French Cut

      Sapphire Measurements: 2.2mm

      Metal: 18ct white gold, tested

      Weight: 5.9g

      Ring Size: N ½ (USA 6.75)


      We offer a ring re-sizing service by our antique specialist for a small fee, starting at £40.

      Most of our rings can be resized, but if they can’t we will stipulate this in the description.

      As a rule we will only alter a ring by three UK sizes. If you would like to size a ring more than three UK sizes (either up or down) please contact us on a case by case basis and we will try and accommodate you as best as possible.

      If you have any product altered or resized it can still be returned, however you will then be refunded the cost of the ring, minus alteration & postage costs.

      Sizing takes approximately 1-2 weeks.

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