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  • An exquisite harlequin necklace in 18ct gold. This beautiful necklace is set with a rainbow of precious stones in fine, hand crafted, bezel settings. The centre moonstone suspends a large blue zircon stone, with pink/blue sapphires and orange/purple garnets making up the ends of the suite. The gemstones all have natural inclusions, but these only add to the charm of the piece. There is some surface wear to note to the surface of the zircon, which is common of this gemstone, but this is only really visible with a loupe. Such a beautiful and happy necklace we are completely entranced by this piece.

    Amazing Harlequin Gemstone Necklace

    • Stones: Moonstone, zircon, sapphire and garnet

      Gemstone Measurements: 11mm x 8mm – 5mm

      Metal: 18ct gold, tested

      Chain Length: 16.5”

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