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  • One of the most unusual antique rings we have had the pleasure of dealing with. A large lozenge shaped ring in 18ct yellow gold and set with a beautiful cobblestone of pearls and ruby cabochons.


    The natural rubies have a gorgeous pinky-red hue to them that appears to glow from within. Commonly for cabochons the rubies are included with natural colour zoning and some darker mineral inclusions, however these are not obviously eye visible unless you hold the ring up to the light and peer through the stones. Overall the rubies are in good antique condition but there are a few little surface pits to the dome and base of the cabochons, and one ruby is chipped to the side, although not noticeably so.


    The pearls are, uncommonly, full rounded pearls that have been expertly embedded into the setting. They have a wonderful creamy lustre and compliment the domed profile of the cabochon stones perfectly. There is some evidence of glue to a few of the pearls, which is common to see, however this is not obvious, and all of the stones have been checked by our expert setter and re-tightened where necessary so they are all secure.


    This fabulous ring has some serious finger coverage, measuring a sizable 25mm x 15mm! However, it sits gloriously low to the finger meaning that, whilst it is a cocktail ring, it is easy to put this piece on and forget you are wearing it.


    A true one-of-a-kind, antique piece, and one we will be very sorry to see fly the nest.

    Amazing Ruby and Pearl Lozenge Ring

    • Stone: Pearl and Ruby

      Ruby Measurements: 4.5-5mm

      Pearl Measurements: 3.5mm- 4mm

      Dimensions of Head: 25mm x 15mm

      Metal: 18ct yellow gold, tested

      Ring Size: approx. L (US 5.5)


      We offer a ring re-sizing service by our antique specialist for a small fee, starting at £40.

      Most of our rings can be resized, but if they can’t we will stipulate this in the description.

      As a rule we will only alter a ring by three UK sizes. If you would like to size a ring more than three UK sizes (either up or down) please contact us on a case by case basis and we will try and accommodate you as best as possible.

      If you have any product altered or resized it can still be returned, however you will then be refunded the cost of the ring, minus alteration & postage costs.

      Sizing takes approximately 1-2 weeks.

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