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  • A stunning antique locket in 9ct gold with a deeply chased floral rim encircling two panes of glass. One of the panes of glass lifts out to reveal a locket compartment, which has been filled with a rainbow of natural gemstones that shake and move as you move. The stones are all different but comprise of a range of sapphire, garnet, aquamarine, fluorite, ruby, spinel, tourmaline, moonstone and one blue paste stone. The stones are a variety of cuts and have been reclaimed from antique and vintage jewellery pieces, as a result some are chipped, but you would never notice whilst they are all shaking around inside the locket. The locket closes securely so your little treasures are safe. A truly stunning piece and one you can add to as you collect gemstones of your own.

    Antique Gemstone Shaker Locket

    • Stones: Sapphire, garnet, aquamarine, fluorite, ruby, moonstone, paste, spinel, tourmaline

      Metal: 9ct gold, tested

      Dimensions: 41.4mm x 28.5mm

      Weight: 11.7g

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