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  • An exceptional antique harlequin bracelet set with a rainbow of natural gemstones. Modelled in sterling silver the bracelet has been lovingly hand crafted with hinged links that curve perfectly around your wrist. The head of the bracelet is set with a delicious array of precious stones, comprising of zircon, tourmaline, hessonite garnet, amethyst, topaz, almandine garnet and sapphire. The gemstones are all a good size, ranging from approximately 3.50ct to 1.20ct in weight, and are offered in good condition overall, boasting beautiful natural inclusions indicative of each gemstone variety and with minimal wear for their age, with only a few small nicks and abrasions visible with a loupe. The silver of the bracelet has slightly tarnished with age but this could be rectified with a professional polish, which we are happy to arrange free of charge if requested.

    Antique Harlequin Gemstone Bracelet

    • Stones: Zircon, tourmaline, hessonite garnet, amethyst, topaz, almandine garnet and sapphire

      Zircon Carat: 1.60ct approx. (7.9mm x 6.5mm x 3.5mm)

      Tourmaline Carat: 1.45ct approx. (8.2mm x 6.2mm x 4.2mm)

      Hessonite Carat: 3ct approx. (9mm x 8.2mm x 5mm)

      Amethyst Carat: 3.50ct approx. (11mm x 9.3mm x 6mm)

      Topaz Carat: 3.40ct approx. (9mm x 8mm x 6mm)

      Garnet Carat: 2.50ct approx. (8.5mm x 7.5mm x 4.5mm)

      Sapphire Carat: 1.20ct approx. (7mm x 6mm x 3.2mm)

      Metal: Sterling silver, tested

      Weight: 8.5g

      Length: 7”

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