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  • One of the most special pendants we have had the joy of selling. This large pendant has been carefully crafted into a realistic pansy; each petal detailed with a watercolour of enamels in deep purples to the most vibrant orange, and tipped with diamonds studded into silver.


    The pendant has been crafted from solid 18ct gold with realistic detailing front and back, however a few sections have been topped with a very fine layer of silver to give a silver effect to the front of the pendant.


    Traditionally pansies symbolised love and thoughtfulness, but in the Victorian era especially they were often used to symbolise secret or forbidden love, so it is very likely this piece was a bespoke commission for two star-crossed lovers whose fates kept them apart.

    Exceptional Enamelled Pansy Pendant

    • Stone: Pearl and diamond

      Pearl Measurement: 3 x 2mm

      Metal: 18ct gold and silver, tested

      Weight: 7.6g

      Pansy Dimensions: 29mm x 24mm

      Pendant Dimensions with Drop: 59mm x 24mm

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