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  • One of the most exceptional pieces we have had the pleasure of handling. This wonderful enamelled locket started out life as a fine woman’s pocket watch but has been lovingly converted into a large locket with a sympathetic hinged glass panel for you to keep your keepsakes and photos safe. Crafted in un-marked 18ct yellow gold, it weighs 23.3g and is an impressive 36mm in diameter, meaning it has a lot of presence when worn. There is some old evidence of a scratch test to check the purity of the metal on the inside of the locket case, however this doesn’t detract from the overall beauty of this rare item.


    Both the front and back of the locket has fine hang enamelling throughout; crafted with a black background accenting delicate swirls of gold and muted flowers in pink and blue and yellow. The enamelling is near pristine, which is wonderful to behold, and truly allows us to appreciate this rare piece in all its glory. There is one area of enamel which looks to have possibly been repaired, as it is a little more recessed in comparison to other areas, this is not at all noticeable, but only really becomes obvious if you run your finger over the surface. Otherwise, the piece looks like it has come straight from the store in the 1900s.


    An incredibly rare piece, we have never seen another remotely like it, and we know this is going to become the highlight of someone’s collection.

    Exceptional Enamelled Pocket Watch Locket Conversion

    • Metal: 18ct gold, tested

      Weight: 23.3g

      Dimensions: 36mm x 50mm

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