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  • A truly special antique piece that made us fall entirely in love as soon as we saw it. The sizable locket centres around a fine miniature portrait of a handsome naval captain in his uniform. Staring off into the distance in a demur fashion the gentleman looks calm and stoic, likely because he knew what he was about to face.


    To the reverse we get an insight into the history of this fine memento with the simple inscription ‘Mizpah 26th March 1918”. The date is significant as this was during the first battles of the Somme during WWI. Whilst unlikely that he had involvement in the Somme it is very likely that this was an experienced naval officer who fought for his country during the World War. We have no way of knowing whether this is a mourning piece to commemorate his death, or a love token worn to keep him safe as he battled the greatest war the world had ever known. What we do know is this would have been an important bespoke commission and likely the property of a fine British family.


    Surrounding the portrait to the front is a simple halo of royal blue enamel, which seems indicative of the stormy seas he must have navigated as he sailed into certain battle. The pendant is finished with a beautiful bespoke bezel in the shape of a ships anchor, adorned with rose cut diamonds, a small but charming design feature.


    The pendant is offered in good overall condition despite its age with only some light surface wear to the enamel and metal to note, alongside some dust accumulating under the glass of the locket. A mesmerising piece of history we are proud to be the custodian of.

    Exquisite Naval First WWI Miniature Portrait Locket - 1918

    • Stones: Diamond

      Diamond Measurements: 1.5mm – 1mm

      Metal: 15ct gold, marked

      Weight: 9g

      Dimensions of Pendant: 40mm x 29mm

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