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  • The most exceptional bangle we have ever had the pleasure to stock at SHJB. The head of the bangle has been inlaid with seven fine quality natural gemstones, alternating between blood red rubies and deep cornflower blue sapphires. The gemstones are beautiful colours with fine natural inclusions visible with magnification and only very slight superficial wear. The total gemstone carat weight estimated at 3.25ct.


    This piece is fine quality throughout, modelled from hollow 18ct gold that has been wax filled to prevent the piece from damage or denting. The piece weighs an impressive 54.4g on the scale, but please consider some of this weight will be that wax filling, we feel comfortable that the gold content itself will exceed 25g.


    To the inside of the bangle there is a simple date inscription for Christmas Day 1956. Clearly this was a bespoke commission for a loved one gifted on Christmas day, and it is in such excellent condition we know it has been cherished and cared for over the last 67 years. The bangle is offered in truly lovely condition with only minimal wear to note, we hope it will find a home where it is cherished for another 70 years.

    Exquisite Ruby & Sapphire Bangle – 54.4g

    • Stones: Ruby and Sapphire

      Ruby Carat: 1.70ct approx. (6mm x 5mm – 5mm x 4mm)

      Sapphire Carat: 1.55ct approx. (6mm x 4.2mm – 5mm x 3.9mm)

      Metal: 18ct gold, wax filled

      Weight: 54.4g (likely around 25g of 18ct)

      Internal Dimensions: 61mm x 52mm

      Width of Bangle: 19.5mm

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