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  • A fine antique harlequin stone bracelet converted from a necklace. The bracelet holds a mix of natural gemstones to include sapphire, zircon, hessonite garnet, tourmaline and amethyst. The rainbow of colours ranging from light pastel blue in the sapphires to the deepest inky blue and forest green tourmalines to the centre. All the gemstones boast beautiful natural inclusions with many of these being eye visible, but we have totally fallen for their character and love to see how these age-old crystals have grown. Aside from this there are a few very small nicks to the stones visible with magnification but otherwise they are offered in excellent condition. The bracelet is finished with an antique belcher chain in richly patinaed yellow gold. Currently 7.75” we have more of this antique chain and can happily lengthen or shorten the length of the bracelet, or even re-vert it to a necklace, free of charge. Just leave a note at checkout.

    Fine Harlequin Multi Gemstone Bracelet

    • Stones: Sapphire, zircon, hessonite garnet, tourmaline and amethyst

      Metal: 9ct gold, marked and tested

      Length: 7.75”

      Weight: 4.6g

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