• Small but mighty, this antique French lovers pendant paints the most beautiful scene. The pendant is formed in the shape of a locket with the raised relief of a boy and girl together. The boy is wearing a cap and looking lovingly down at his hands, which hold outstreatched to present his sweetheart a dove. The figures are so beautifully detailed you think thye are going to start moving as you look at the pendant, a truly stunning piece.


    To the reverse the pendant is engraved. Unfortunately the engraving appears partially lost but we believe it to read “ les amoureux de peynet par contour”, which roughly translates as “the lovers of peynet by storyteller. A pretty original engraving that only adds to the romance of this antique piece.

    French Lovers Pendant

    • Metal: 18ct gold, tested

      Weight: 1.5g

      Dimensions: 15mm x 13mm