• A beautiful garnet necklace in a classic yard chain style. This beautiful piece is crafted from solid 9ct yellow gold with each stone being secured to the chain with its own bezel of gold. The stones are perfectly mismatched in size and shape, which adds some beautiful intrigue to this stunning piece. The garnets range in size from 10mm to under 6mm and in shape from elongate cushions to almost square. The metal has been formed around them so that their pavilions protrude from the base, meaning that they don’t sit flat against the skin and you have continual movement in the piece; however this has also led to some wear and a few stones have small nibbles to their facets.


    This interesting piece is a true amalgamation with the bulk of the necklace having un-evenly spaced garnets studded along the chain. However the clasp and final few inches of the chain seem to be a later addition, perhaps to add length to the piece; although this is not noticeable unless carefully inspected.

    Garnet Yard Chain

    • Stones: Garnet

      Garnet Measurements: 10mm x 6mm – 7mm x 5.8mm

      Metal: 9ct yellow gold, hallmarked

      Chain Length: 17”

      Weight: 7.2g