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  • A pretty antique brooch conversion set with a rainbow of gemstones. Dating to the early to mid 1800s this beautiful pendant began life as a brooch, the evidence of which can be seen to the reverse with a small hole and dent where the pin would have originally been positioned; however, it has been lovingly converted into a pendant with the addition of a simple bale.


    The pendant has been set with a mismatch of pastel gemstones. Due to the setting style these pose a challenge to test but we have confirmed the identity of most stones and these are mainly topaz with the addition of two garnets. We love the pastel hues of the topaz stones, from the lightest powder pink to a golden champagne, their natural colours are accentuated by the foil backing that has been carefully set underneath. The gemstones are overall in excellent condition to the naked eye, but with magnification some surface wear and small nicks do become apparent, although this is very much expected with the age of the piece. Aside from this there are some patches of lead-work to the reverse of the pendant as well as some discolouration to the metal, but nothing that detracts from the beauty of this piece.

    Harlequin Topaz and Garnet Floral Pendant

    • Stones: Topaz and garnet (would need to be unset to verify 100%)

      Dimensions of Pendant: 24mm x 17mm

      Metal: 15ct gold, tested

      Weight: 2.1g

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