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  • An antique spinning fob in solid 9ct gold with split ring attached. The fob itself holds a large honey coloured citrine with three flat polished sides, which pins within the mount. The beautiful gemstone is chipped to one end by the mount, however this is not noticeable. Holding the citrine is an intricately plaited halo of gold, hallmarked to every link.


    The antique fob is finished with a large jump ring and a sizable split ring, perfect for adding charms or length to a shorter chain. The split ring is in excellent condition and can be carefully opened like a key ring to add more charms or pendants.

    Honey Citrine Fob With Split Ring

    • Stone: Citrine

      Citrine Measurements: 14mm x 20mm

      Metal: 9ct gold, hallmarked

      Split Ring Measurements: 17mm

      Weight: 10.7g

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