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  • A beautiful high carat gold Madonna and child pendant. Modelled in rich yellow gold the religious image has been exquisitely hand detailed in enamel, with the vibrant red, green and blue of the cloak standing out beautifully against her alabaster skin. Surrounded by fine hand engraving that gives the piece a stained glass window effect.  


    To the reverse we find a hand etched engraving that dates the piece to the 16th November 1934 with the name ‘Miklo’s’ above it. Perhaps given as a communion gift or birthday present, this was clearly a very sentimental and loved piece, offered in excellent condition nearly 90 years later. The only wear to note is some slight enamel loss, as well as a historic acid test mark to the back, which we can try to remove with polishing before shipping.

    Madonna and Child Enamel Pendant – 1934

    • Metal: 18ct gold, tested

      Weight: 3.3g

      Dimensions: 24mm x 16mm

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