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  • A high-quality antique fob in solid 18ct gold. This fine piece is c.1850 and would likely have belonged to a fine gentleman who loved his dog and hunting. The top of the fob shows an exceptionally detailed, three-dimensional, terrier on top of a plinth. The bottom of the fob set with a deep orange-red carnelian and engraved with the owners’ initials “A.M.C”.


    To the top of the fob are some very small hand scratched numbers, which read “1068”, likely the stamp of a pawn shop. Otherwise, this special piece is offered in pristine condition.

    Monogrammed Dog Fob

    • Stone: Carnelian

      Metal: 18ct gold, tested

      Weight: 5.6g

      Dimensions: 16mm x 17.5mm x 14.5mm

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