• A rare collectors item from the early 1800s. This unique brooch features two snakes coiled one around each other adorned with gemstones. The snakes are what are referred to as ouroboros: snakes consuming their own tails. There is powerful historical symbolism that revolves around this motif which historically signifies rebirth and eternal life.


    The two snakes coil perfectly around a deep purple amethyst to the centre, the first snake set with graduating half pearls and the outer snake with deep red flat cut garnets, both snakes finished with glistening green eyes. The gemstones are on the whole in good condition with the only wear to note being one possible replacement stone to the flat cut garnets and small nicks to the paste stones and one pearl.


    To the reverse we suspect that historically the pin has been replaced and there are a number of small dents to the domed base, which is hollow.


    This is a true collectors piece of a rare motif and we are so excited to be able to offer it for sale.  

    Rare Double Ouroboros Brooch

    • Stones: Garnet, pearl, amethyst and paste

      Amethyst Measurements: 9mm x 6mm

      Garnet Measurements: 2.6mm – 1.9mm

      Pearl Measurements: 1.6mm – 1.25mm

      Paste Measurements: 1.7mm – 1.4mm

      Brooch Dimensions: 21mm square

      Metal: 9ct gold, tested

      Weight: 5.7g