• A truly beautiful ruby and enamel bangle with an Etruscan feel. The head of the bangle is set with a large pink ruby in a beautiful old cut with a small table and chunky crown facets. The ruby is natural and has the perfect reddish-pink colour to it, free from damage or wear. Surrounding the fine gemstone is an elaborate gold halo of enamel and gold ball detailing. The black and white enamel perfectly contrasts the high carat yellow gold and the pink of the ruby and is in near pristine condition.


    The head of the bangle cleverly hides the mechanism to open the bangle, a small pin that you can slot and un-slot the bangle into, meaning that when closed the piece looks like a continuous circle of gold around your wrist.


    It is hard to date this piece accurately but we believe it to be antique due to the workmanship and cut of the stone.

    Ruby and Enamel Bangle

    • Stone: Ruby

      Ruby Measurements: 5mm x 4mm

      Dimensions of Head: 15mm x 13mm

      Bangle Width: 4.5mm

      Internal Circumference: 6.75” approx.

      Internal Diameter: 2.25” x 2”

      Metal: 18ct gold, tested

      Weight: 7.1g